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CLOU Design&Arkitektur
Hammarby Fabriksväg 27
120 33 Stockholm , Sweden

Agnes Fischer Architect MFA
+46(0)706 001 136
Anna Gathu Architect MFA
+46(0)705 702 582
Martina Nystrand Architect MFA
+46(0)702 919 593


How people feel and how they enjoy their immediate environment is what interests us. Whether a place is suitable for its intended purpose and how it feels to be there. It may be basic work such as planning premises or renovate to make spaces fresh and attractive. Work may also consist of creating an identity in an environment, which connects to the company and/ or the individuals who spend their time there. Be it a workplace, a public place or a home. Dear Clou does not work according to a partricular manifest. The key is instead the freedom to interpret each new project in the most interesting and appropriate way.
We strive to fulfill your wishes and our ideas to create a place that provides all that it can for you.

We, who work at Dear Clou are all trained interior architects MFA, which means that we have a solid architecture-, furniture design and art education. We can take on interior assignments of all types and minor construction tasks. When needed we cooperate with housing architects or engineers from our broad network. The office was founded in 2007.

We are used to taking on the role of project leaders, where we bring in tenders and coordinate craftsmen and engineers for our client.